Let's talk about tampons

Did you know that the tampon hasn't changed in 90 years? Don't worry, the Sequel Spiral™ Tampon has got your back. We've designed a new tampon that's shaking things up and departing from tradition. Time to reset your standards, and your tampons.

This is definitely not your mom's tampon, but maybe it should be.

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Meet the Sequel Spiral™

It's not your ordinary tampon, it's inspired by real life, and designed to *actually* work. We're not messing around - The Sequel Spiral™ tampon is packed with equal parts experience and engineering innovation.
You'll want to check it out.


Unlike most tampons out there today, The Sequel Spiral™ tampon was invented by people who *actually* menstruate: Amanda Calabrese and Greta Meyer. Crazy, right?