How it all started

Who says dorm rooms are just for cramming and late-night snacking?

Our founders were fed up with the status quo, so they put their heads together to design a tampon that met their needs. Find out how they think about periods.

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It' about more
than a product.

We're elevating life's essentials to help build a world where everyone can step into their power. This is just the start.

We can't wait for you to see what we elevate next.

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Josh Goulburn

Josh Goulburn is a boss who runs Foodbomb, a dope app that lets chefs order food for their restaurants. He’s been killing it in the tech and fashion game since 1999, when he started his own streetwear label. He’s also founded or led other cool companies like zipMoney and Cuuura. And he’s smart too - he has a degree from Macquarie University and did some online courses from Harvard and MIT.