Get Inspired with us at Culture House

Get Inspired with us at Culture House

03/09/2023 | Alan Huynh

If you're looking for something fun and inspiring to do this weekend, come join us at Culture House! We'll be hosting a panel about digital media and the power of storytelling on Sunday 3/12 at 1:30pm CST.

You won't want to miss out on the exciting conversation we're planning to have.

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Sequel is taking over Culture House with a panel that's all about the power of storytelling in digital media. We've got three amazing guests that are using their gift of storytelling to make a real difference in their communities, shedding light on overlooked issues, and bringing attention to untold stories. Get ready to hear from the incredible Brittany Leavitt, Shaandiin Tome, and Katelyn Ohashi, all moderated by our very own Amanda Calabrese.

  • Brittany Leavitt is the CEO and a founding member of Brown Girls Climb. She's been leading the way in the great outdoors for 8 years, clearing pathways for People of Global Majority and making sure all voices are heard and represented.
  • Shaandiin Tome is an award-winning filmmaker from Albuquerque, New Mexico who's directed powerful documentaries that shift narratives. Shaandiin's worked with big-name brands and media organizations to capture untold stories from the Indigenous community, bringing her unique cross-cultural experiences to the director's chair and cinematography.
  • Katelyn Ohashi's viral floor routine captured the world's heart 200 million times over, and she's using her moment to empower the next generation. She's a multi-talented poet, public speaker, mental health and body image advocate, athlete, and creative director, proving that you can do it all!
  • Amanda Calabrese, COO and co-founder of Sequel, a company that's all about creating innovative products that meet the unmet needs of women. She's a boss lady with a background in product design engineering, and her redesigned tampon has already made waves, earning her a spot on the Forbes 30 Under 30 List for 2023